Building Rich Customer Relationships

Business people in a seminar

by Nina Joubert

Building relationships with potential customers is essential for lead generation and lead nurturing. Relationship building entails two elements: knowing your audience and being able to speak directly to them with content that is relevant. So ask yourself: How well do you know your customers? And are they responding to your message?

Knowing your customers

Any marketing strategy would involve knowing who you are talking to. As a business you want to be supplying the right content to the right people at the right time.

Everlytic helps you segment your customer database according to industry, lead type, interests, or any other category valuable to supplying the right content to your targeted audience. This would allow you to create specific campaigns that target a specific audience.

Using the right channels for customer engagement

Did you know that the sharing of content among South Africans is divided into 93% via email, 56% via Facebook and 40% via SMS? These three channels are great inbound marketing tools. They help you identify your customer, track their conversion and measure whether or not the message of your campaign has been relevant. This will inform your next campaign.

Everlytic gives you full control to manage campaigns across email, mobile and social media channels, giving your marketing message power to reach your customers effectively.

Once your campaign has been successfully implemented, Everlytic’s rich analytics will help you measure and track the performance of your campaign.

Ultimately, Everlytic helps target driven marketers to be led by insight.

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