Coming Soon: Everlytic Drip Campaign Feature


Everlytic will be introducing a new drip campaign feature soon. This upcoming feature will be accessible to any Everlytic client and will allow the Everlytic user to send time-based campaigns in a series of mailers. These campaigns will include reporting functionality for the entire series so that you can measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

Simple Steps for your Drip Campaign Strategy:

First establish your target audience and the stage at which they are at in the buying cycle. Then segment your database according to the messages that they should be receiving at each stage. Everlytic now allows you to easily set up different types of drip campaigns.

Examples of drip campaigns which you should be considering:

  • Re-engagement drip (To re-engage those subscribers who have lost interest in your campaigns.)
  • Top-of-mind drips (To sustain content engagement throughout the sales process for leads that have shown interest in your product.)
  • Educational drips (To educate leads preparing to make a decision to purchase or not, about your product.)
  • Competitive drips (To differentiate your product from competitors’. These drips are also aimed at leads in decision phase of the buy cycle.)
  • Promotional drips (To encourage your leads to act fast by feeding them timely and incentive based offers.)
  • Training drips (To service your new clients with training material they may need to better utilise your product.)

Once you have established the stage you are talking to and the types of campaigns you are targeting them with, you can fill those campaigns with step by step content which is relevant to that target audience. The AIDA (Attention, Interest, Decision/Desire, Action) principle, is a brilliant guide to setting up your content for these campaigns. It forces you to create content that guides a lead through an appropriate buy cycle.

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