Daily Maverick case study


About Daily Maverick

The Daily Maverick is one of South Africa’s most stimulating free-to-air, high-end online publications with a unique blend of news, information, expert analysis and opinions. The Daily Maverick focuses on delivering quality, thought provoking and 100% original content. Their readers largely consist of decision-makers in business and government and entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

The Daily Maverick used Everlytic to start sending emails in 2010. Within two years, their database had grown by 600%, monthly visitors to the website doubled and referral traffic from their First Thing newsletter contributed 18% of the total traffic to the website. The First Thing is delivered to the subscribers’ inbox every weekday morning containing news from around the world that happened “while you were sleeping” and gives subscribers a heads up on what will happen during the rest of the day, with links to selected articles on the website. When Daily Maverick first started using Everlytic, their goals were to:
  • Grow their newsletter subscriber database
  • Update their subscribers on latest news and events
  • Drive traffic to The Daily Maverick website
These objectives were successfully achieved and measured using Google Analytics to track engagement from their newsletters to their website and Everlytic reports to track subscriber growth and subscriber activity per message. The Daily Maverick’s next-phase email marketing objectives include:
  • Using email marketing as an alternate complementary platform to reinforce the website
  • Using email marketing as a source of alternate revenue (ad space in emails)
  • Continuing to use email marketing to drive traffic to the website (particularly to boost the Cliff Central syndication base)

The Solution

Daily Maverick’s content is disseminated to a highly targeted and receptive audience using Everlytic. ‘’Newsletters form one of two pillars of Daily Maverick as a publication. We send 1.5 million emails a month and reach more inboxes than the number of visitors to the website on a daily basis,’’ says Daily Maverick Digital Manager, Styli Charalambous. Subscribers want to receive the First Thing mailer and do so by signing up via Everlytic generated subscription forms hosted on the Daily Maverick website. This opt-in method combined with subsequent relevant content is a winning formula. Charalambous attributes the success of their mailers to Everlytic’s reliable email marketing platform and to the email campaign content itself. ‘’The concept around content is that we bring you fresh news from around the world you would otherwise not know about, since it occurred whilst you were asleep. Additionally, you’re kept up to speed on critical events of the day, such as strike action and major court cases. Above all, the content is not a copy and paste job, but original in style and tone - closely resembling articles on the website in wit and sarcasm, exactly what our readership has come to expect,’’ says Charalambous.

The Results

Since 2012, Daily Maverick has recorded above average open, click and engagement rates on their First Thing mailers. Using Everlytic to send their First Thing mailers, Daily Maverick measures the success of their campaigns on open rates and traffic generated by emails to the website (based on click rates within emails and by comparing those figures to unique visitors on their site).
Open Rates Click Rates Subscriber Engagement Rates
Publishing Industry Average 22.6% 4.65% 197537.5
Daily Maverick's First Thing Average 33.04% 11.24% 85.75%
Everlytic reports identify excellent open rates and subscriber engagement on emails, attesting to the success of Daily Maverick’s campaigns. The results are of huge importance in assisting Daily Maverick with achieving their primary objectives: using email to connect audiences to content and driving revenue (high open and engagement rates are used to secure advertising within email campaigns and on the website).

Daily Maverick Benefits

Daily Maverick reports the benefits from using Everlytic as follows:
  • Reliable platform for reaching subscribers. ‘’Everlytic does what it says on the box and is secure, stable software,’’ adds Charalambous.
  • Measurable ROI results. ‘’Email marketing provides an alternate source of generating revenue, which we can track. This is something social media hasn’t provided us with,’’ says Charalambous.
  • Valuable device reporting used to identify the percentage of devices being used by their readership and informing responsive design.