Everlytic just got cooler! – V 6.7 Upgrade

Your experience in our product is important, which is why this upgrade is only a starter and not a five course meal. We’ll let you digest the food on your plate before we bring out the rest.

Let’s take a tour shall we?


The design is clean, the navigation bar is clear and you got more space. The UX team has also added a neat feedback button, which you can use to voice your comments or frustrations inside the product. Someone from our UX team will receive the feedback personally in their inbox, so you don’t have to worry that your comments will go unnoticed.


Other added and upgraded features of the new navigation include; a help button available on all pages of the product for easy accessibility, added customer departments for transactional customers and an area in your customer profile to update your billing details.


We’ve got some brand new reporting features that allow you a wider scope of performance measurement on your mail.


New Reporting Features

List Interaction

List Interaction will reveal how many people in your list are active (*Industry benchmark average included).


You can now see, of those who opened your mail, how many actually clicked on the links inside (*Industry benchmark average included).

Engagement Score

Engagement Score gives you a performance score of how engaged your audience are (*Industry benchmark average included).

Social Statistics

These stats will tell you how many times your message was shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (*Industry benchmark average included).

Best Time

Best Time gives you the day and hour your message was most engaged with (*Industry benchmark average included).


The Technology card is a breakdown of how your audience engages with your message on desktop, mobile and web.

Top City

The Top City card shows the city where you got the highest number of engaged readers.

Along with new reporting features, older features like Social, Device and Geo-location reporting will be featured on a newly designed overview page. This page will give users a dashboard display of all message reports and will gather metrics in neat and clean “stats cards”. At the bottom of these cards, you’ll find *industry averages to benchmark your performance against.


For the artists out there, you’ll be happy to find more templates to choose from, more colours to play with, an updated WYSIWYG editor (toolbar) and a wider canvas area to edit your template on.

As far as the process of message composition goes, a new step 1 has been added after the template selection. Users can now update their message properties and tracking options in this step.


We’ve incorporated Email on Acid into our system, which provides an inbox preview on multiple inbox platforms, allowing you to see how your email looks in various email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Safari Mail and more. Bear in mind when using this feature that it will take some time to process.


Our system will now check for ‘Out of Office’ dates on bounces. If it picks up a date like this, the mail will not be seen as a bounce. If a mail recipient interacts with a message after they’ve been recorded as a soft bounce, that bounce counter will be reset.

That’s it for now folks, one step at a time.

Enjoy the new upgrade!

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