Speaking to the frustrations of many marketers about the lack of local email marketing data, Everlytic has released the results of two intensive studies into the way that South Africans interact with marketing emails:

Demystifying the Inbox provides insights into how South Africans engage with their inboxes The Benchmark Report provides insights into what people do with marketing emails when they receive them.

For a full scope on both reports, download the research and benchmarks below.


As a follow-up to the 2012 Demystifying the Inbox research, Everlytic in conjunction with Effective Measure, conducted a study showcasing how South Africans engage with their email. A sample of 5190 people was surveyed to represent South Africa's 20 plus million-odd unique browsers. The results provide insights that are invaluable for anyone trying to engage an audience via email.


In a South African first Everlytic analysed over 1 billion emails sent in 2014 to deliver email marketing benchmarks. The report presents hard data broken up by industry and message types.