Everlytic sponsors ITWeb’s Social Media Summit 2014

Everlytic is sponsoring the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2014, taking place in Johannesburg next week, where 20 leading social media influencers will present on a wide variety of issues pertinent to delegates. ITWeb’s Social Media Summit 2014 will provide concrete, locally relevant case studies and presentations from subject matter experts aimed at assisting both large and small organisations to navigate the challenges here and take advantage of the business benefits of social media.


ITWeb’s Fay Humphries spoke to Everlytic Managing Director, Walter Penfold, on brands entering the social media market, reputational risk and the demand for rapid response.  Brands entering the social media market put themselves at immediate risk of reputational damage if they do not have the capacity to respond quickly to their subscribers, fans and followers.


This caution comes from the MD at self-service digital marketing software provider, Everlytic. “A simple broadcast strategy on Facebook, for example, can get derailed if customers start using it as a complaints or support channel. Brands need to be ready to deal with incoming comments, good and bad, and have reputation management strategies in place if bad sentiment starts to emerge,” says Penfold.


Low Internet penetration in SA, coupled with poor bandwidth, has put the social media landscape on the back foot compared to more advanced societies, he adds. “This is rapidly changing, though, with the rise of smartphones, and within the next five years, all South Africans will be online. Brands need to start thinking more seriously about their digital strategies and gearing up for when social media plays a much larger part in the decision-making process of the buying cycle.”


Cloud marketing software, notes Penfold, provides brands with an easy way to integrate e-mail newsletters with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that campaigns can be shared and tracked across social media.


He says Everlytic has seen a rapid rise in e-mail communication, as more and more companies attempt to build meaningful relationships with their customers. The company’s solutions are aimed at corporates with large customer bases and multiple departments or brands to manage. It operates in sectors including banking, insurance, retail, IT, e-commerce and publishing.


Click here to find out more about the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2014, view the full agenda and register your seat.

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