New import

New Import

The way you import subscribers has changed. You’ll notice new items on the menu under Contacts.

  • New Import
  • Import History

The New Import steps:

1. Choose how to import your contacts (Select import type)
2. Choose what information to import (Select field mappings)
3. Choose the list for contacts to go into or create a new one (Lists and options)
4. Confirm and import
5. Progress of import

What you can expect

When adding subscribers your options are:

From computer: Import a range of accepted file types including CSV, TXT, XLSX and XLS. Copy and paste functionality is still available.

From server:  Suitable for API synchronisation, ‘from server’ access makes imports easier for developers to use. Now you can synch your data from an HTTP and FTP location and schedule imports regularly. Every time the synch happens, you’ll be sent an email that lets you know the details of the import.

From service: Integrate with services like Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, Snapbill and Google contacts and docs. Let us grab your contacts regularly as scheduled by you and we’ll update your subscriber lists.

Import report: When your import has concluded, we mail you a list of duplicates, errors and invalid domains. We fix the email addresses that have misspelled domains as far as we can, by matching it against our list of domains.


What’s nice about the new import?

  • You can browse away from the import progress screen (an email is sent as soon as the import completes)
  • You can schedule imports
  • The imports are faster
  • An email report gets sent to you as soon as subscribers have been added
  • The email report shows errors, duplicates and invalid domains that are automatically corrected by us
  • You have access to an import history with a report of duplicates
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