Next Level – Version 6.8


As mentioned in our blog post about V6.7, we’ll be upgrading in parts, allowing you to digest our changes slowly. So let’s take a look and see what’s new, what’s changed and what’s fixed in version 6.8.

Message Composition

Finding a list has become easier with the upgrade to our list search bar, which allows filtering your search. Speaking of filtering lists, you can now apply your list filters to a new segment button that will appear next to the search bar when you select a list.

We spoke about new list interaction stats in version 6.7, well they’re available and will be contained in a table next to each list. This table will also include a new filter icon, allowing you to apply and remove segments for a specific list. On the top right of your selection table, the approximate number of contacts will be shown for the selected list. You can also refresh this number to query the database to provide an exact number of contacts in the selected list.

A couple of additions and changes have been made to the process of message composition. Step 3 in message composition now only covers list selection, while step 4 focusses solely on delivery options. These delivery options include: the send notifications option, delivery settings, approval settings, message scheduling, staggered sending and rate limiting options, content processing as well as previews, spam and compatibility tools, which can also be viewed on steps 2 and 5. Speaking of step 5, this is a new confirmation and sending step.

We’ve also enabled automatic link shortening for when you share your campaigns on social media, making the sharing process easier. But to put the cherry on top, we’ve added 25 new email templates that are especially nice to use for the holidays.

Your Account

No longer do you have to be redirected to our billing site to view your invoices, you can now see them inside the product! What else can we see inside the product? I’m glad you asked. Support ticket history is now available and can be viewed inside Everlytic. This gives us some accountability if we’ve not yet resolved your issue. We’ve also improved usability and design for submitting and viewing tickets.

Email Reports

We’ve been merging some of our reports to keep things simple. For instance, bounces, contact activity and social reports have joined forces to become “the Recipients Report”. The same goes for device reporting and the technology card which, together have created the “Platforms Report”.

Listings are not only searchable, but can also be exported.Each export is search-sensitive, so your search term will be reflected in the export.

As a general overview, the layout of reporting has been improved, the graphs are zoomable and the delivered percentage no longer rounds down.

What are waiting for, log in and see for yourself.

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