Releasing Everlytic Version 6.9


Version 6.9 is out and with it, some finishing touches to email reports, a few new features to message composition and a little tweak to a billing display in your account.

Email Composition

Filters no longer have to be created before you begin creating a message, but can now be created and applied in the list selection step of message composition. A new feature our transactional mail users will be happy to hear about is the personalisation of email subject lines. You are now able to personalise the subject lines for transactional mail.

Email Reports

The Recipient reports now show your sent items and top five bounce reasons. The link performance reports and heat maps have been combined into one report, namely the Content report. The Locations report has been revamped and is now named Geo report.

My Account

The billing information page has now been divided into two columns to split billing information and payment methods.

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