Return Path partnership good news for Everlytic clients

Return Path Partnership

According to latest deliverability benchmark by Return Path, one in five emails lands in a spam or junk folder or is simply blocked by Internet Service Provider (ISP) spam filters. And in 2010 the Radicati Group estimated that 294 billion emails were sent each day, meaning that some 14.7 billion e-mails simply never made it to our inboxes.

This high incidence of non-delivery is largely a spin-off of the increasingly vigilant mechanisms for controlling spam. However, it could also mean that legitimate email marketing is failing to hit the mark. Many ISPs thus rely on whitelisting to help separate responsible senders from spammers. By becoming a certified sender and part of a whitelist, chances of email being delivered to the inbox dramatically increase. And as only delivered email can achieve clicks, this has the potential to significantly improve campaign response rates.

“These are sobering facts that marketers everywhere have to face. Email as a channel for marketing communication is only as good as its reliability,” says Walter Penfold, managing director of Prefix Technologies.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Return Path, the leading expert in email deliverability and certification. With Return Path certification and by becoming part of the Return Path whitelist, our clients’ email marketing campaigns will be able to receive special privileges at over 2.1 billion inboxes worldwide,” said Mr Penfold.

Return Path is the world’s leading provider in email certification and scoring. Its certification acts as a guarantee of reputation within the digital marketing space.

“Our certification process has to be extremely stringent because it is the entry into a ‘network of trust’ in the digital marketing world,” says Matt Markham, Regional Director UK and South Africa, Return Path. “In this world, reputation is everything and we need to guard the reputation of this certification. Only by meeting the most stringent criteria are companies accepted on Return Path’s certification whitelist. We look forward to working with Prefix and its clients in order to grant Return Path certification benefits to many of these.”

Certification by Return Path has a number of important benefits. Certified senders gain special privileges at more than 2.1 billion inboxes worldwide, becoming part of the largest and broadest white list in the e-mail universe. Certified Return Path members receive special treatment from many Internet service providers, including the two largest, Hotmail and Yahoo!.

“This partnership is an important milestone for Everlytic and achieving Return Path Certification will have a real, lasting benefit for our clients,” concludes Penfold. “By partnering with Return Path, Everlytic takes care of the delivery even better than before, leaving our clients free to concentrate on creating really great campaigns.”

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