Shape Magazine Case Study

Shape Magazine

About Shape Magazine

Shape is the top-selling health and wellness magazine in South Africa. Shape’s editorial mission is to help women make the most of themselves and get the most out of life by providing well-researched and informative encouragement for a healthy and balanced way of living.

The Challenge

The Kick Start Challenge was an “opt-in” programme, where readers opted in via the Shape website. Registrations were encouraged through social media communications such as Twitter and Facebook in conjunction with an email alert to existing email newsletter subscribers. Users signed up to become part of the exciting Kick Start Challenge for 2011.

The Solution

Once a week for four weeks, users received an email. Emails included a brief introduction to that week’s programme, a health tip and links to the respective week’s eating plan and food journal. Social media channels supported the campaign, but the programme was mostly email-based with links driving traffic to the website.

The Results

The first email was sent on 28 January, 2011 and received an astonishing unique read rate of 79.51%; statistics show that most users read the email more than twice which is evidence that users found the email relevant. Furthermore the click rate came to 71.06%, probably the highest click rate Everlytic had seen in that year. Ordinarily campaigns in the same category as this one can expect an average read rate of about 22% and 4%-5% click rate. In week two, three and four the read rate dropped slightly from week to week, from 66% to 53% and the click rate dropped from 43% – 26%. The reason for this drop in reads and clicks can be due to readers dropping out of the challenge. They did not stick to their eating plans and therefore did not continue reading the emails and clicking on the links to view the next week’s eating plan.