Tech partnership means Everlytic free to NGOs

SangoTeCH NGO Partnership

Prefix Technologies will make its industry-leading bulk email communication software, Everlytic, available to South African non-governmental organisations (NGOs) via SANGOTeCH. SANGOTeCH is a technology donation and discount portal created by TechSoup Global and SANGONeT, the Southern African NGO Network. Based in San Francisco, TechSoup Global is a non-profit capacity-building organisation that links technology donations and the NGO sector.

SANGONeT recognises that technology can play a vital role in helping NGOs leverage their scarce resources more effectively, but can strain budgets. SANGOTeCH helps NGOs by providing software for a very low fee and also by assisting NGOs to make the most of their ICT purchases and infrastructure.

“NGOs have always played a key role in helping South Africa’s marginalised population groups to turn their lives around. As government struggles to meet its service delivery targets, the role of NGOs is becoming more and more vital,” says Walter Penfold, managing director of Prefix Technologies. “The business sector needs to recognise the sterling work these organisations are doing to create a more equitable society and get behind them with positive initiatives that offer tangible benefits,” he added. By participating in the SANGOTeCH programme, Prefix Technologies aims to give NGOs a tool that will help them overcome serious communication challenges faced by many of these cash-strapped organisations.

As Penfold explains, NGOs are currently under greater threat than ever as funding dries up in the wake of the global recession. “Like businesses, NGOs need to develop affordable and accurate channels to communicate with all their stakeholders, particularly funders. Building relationships is going to be key for NGOs to continue accessing the funds they need. A solution like Everlytic will give them the channel to do that,” he says. Penfold also believes that Everlytic has an even broader role to play. “We believe that NGOs are increasingly going to collaborate with each other, particularly in responding to specific crisis situations,” he said.

The Everlytic NGO Programme will give South African NGOs 1 000 free e-mails per month with the option to purchase more credits at a reduced rate. The programme may only be accessed via SANGOTeCH. “Bulk e-mailing has proved to be a very effective communication and marketing tool for business. We are confident NGOs will benefit as much from it,” said Penfold.

Everlytic’s NGO programme follows in the wake of the recent launch of the firm’s Tech 4 Schools corporate social investment initiative that is seeing nominated schools receiving a Everlytic account with 6 000 free email credits per month, forever. Prefix Technologies is also subsidising use of Everlytic’s SMS communication tool at a flat rate of 20c per SMS, no matter how many text messages are sent to parents.

The Tech for Schools campaign aims to contribute to positive social change by encouraging schools to use technology to be more efficient and environmentally-friendly. Penfold concluded by saying that Everlytic software can help schools, NGOs and almost any other kind of organisation cut costs by reducing the amount of paper and postage they use, while also lowering the administrative burden of communication.

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