The Stylists behind Everlytic’s new hairdo!

givenlidia “We’ve gone live!” These are the words Everlytic’s marketing team had been itching to say for the last six months. For Lidia Stemmet and Given Moila though, they could not be spoken sooner.


Stemmet and Moila are the driving force behind Everlytic’s new website, which launched recently. While Moila came up with the clean, slick look for the site, Stemmet chopped it all into HTML and wrote the code that made it come to life.


“We had to design it in a way that would sell our product. Our old site was just too corporate,” says Moila. “It had way too much information, no one understood what we did,” adds Stemmet.


Reworked copy and a beautiful minimalistic design is just the tip of the iceberg. Animated images and infinite scrolling not only make the site more interesting to look at but easier to navigate, while a user-friendly responsive design renders the website on all devices. “It’s become a necessary feature ever since mobile phones began browsing the Internet,” says Stemmet. “There’s no need to duplicate everything with a mobi-site,” she adds. “We’ve worked smarter this time around, so there’s much less to maintain.”


The computer mouse is definitely the most abused tool in the office, just ask Moila. Being banged repeatedly against his work station is clear indication that Moila’s computer is not moving as fast as his right-winged brain. It’s the sound of intense conceptualising that needs to come together quickly in sequence, despite being designed back to front.


“We had to plan the site by moving backwards, so we didn’t miss anything,” says Moila, remembering the process. “We started with how we wanted the features, solutions and support pages to work. When it made sense to us and we got the navigation right, only then could we get to the home page.”


For Stemmet coming into work wasn’t unlike plugging into the Matrix, where at first glance the alluring lady in red actually turns out to be a deadly agent programmed to kill. Roughly halfway through building the website, Lidia came face to face with her ‘lady in red’ and was tasked with switching from the in house CMS to WordPress.


“This was a big move that will help us in the long run, especially when it comes to translation,” says Lidia. “We host a lot of international sites. In WordPress, the languages are displayed in such a way that makes it easy for translators to duplicate content.”


What do the stylists think of the results? “It’s great for new users because the site communicates clearly and sells itself,” says Moila. Stemmet agrees saying “It also has a lot more support than the old one. We encourage clients to help themselves with FAQs, expert programs, best practice and hints and tips.”


The positive impact starts with visitors to the website but doesn’t end there. Benefits for administrators working on the back-end are already apparent.  “I modified WordPress to work for the team,” says Stemmet. ‘’Copywriters and translators now have access to a user-friendly CMS, organised specifically for them, making the expansion process of hosting international domains a lot easier for the present and future of Everlytic.’’


Lidia Stemmet and Given Moila make a successful tag team with their creative collaboration. And everyone knows when it comes to a makeover; the right stylists make all the difference.

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