Version 6.10 – The Coder…


In this new release, we welcome significant changes to email composition like introducing the coder. Advanced designers can now implement code on their email design without using the WYSIWYG editor, which still exists in the classic view. Everlytic 6.10 doesn’t just end there though. With the new changes to email composition also comes a new import interface and the finalised updates to email reports.

Email Composition

After completing your email properties in step 1, you’ll be given the choice between classic, coder and import from URL. If you’re an advanced web designer or techie, the coder option is a great choice, allowing you to implement HTML or CSS and freeing you from the WYSIWYG options. However, if you don’t code, simply choose the classic option and you’ll be able to compose your mail the way you always have.

Are you losing track of which templates are new, or curious to know which ones are mobile friendly? If your answer is yes, then you’ll be happy to know we’ve marked new templates with a star icon and mobile-friendly ones with a mobile phone icon.

We have some new changes to filters as well. When selecting a segment, the system will display both the description and the segment conditions. You can also edit a segment inline while composing an email.

Email Reports

You’ll find a small new feature in the Content Report. A new field is now displayed that shows how many unique contacts interacted with a link within your message.

Other Changes

The unique ID field is now optional when exporting contacts and integration with Info Bip SMS portal is complete.

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