Wisboo Startup Camp


Leading virtual trainers, Wisboo.com, are set to host the first online event that will connect entrepreneurs in Latin America. Taking place online from the 11th – 16th November (now extended for an extra week for its success), Wisboo’s Startup Camp forms part of Global Entrepreneurship Week with the aim of facilitating new business opportunities in the region.

Everlytic LATAM has joined a host of sponsors attached to the event where startups will be exposed to networking and coaching sessions. Investors, mentors, renowned experts and entrepreneurs will connect with startups to exchange experiences, motivate ideas for business growth and build on synergies. Over 60 online hours have been allotted to live training, webcasts, webinars, interactive workshops, meet-ups and virtual video tours for emerging businesses. 50 companies will have a chance to pitch their ideas to a jury and panel of attendees in a pitch marathon.

“Having built Everlytic from the ground up, we were in the same shoes as many startups participating in the event, just a few years ago. Startup Camp LATAM is really a shared purpose for us, a common interest in innovation and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems,’’ says Maria Fernandez,  Country Account Manager for Everlytic Argentina.

Wisboo will award at least 20 startups with prizes and Everlytic is proud to be sponsoring their digital communication platform as part of the prize package. Each startup will be awarded credits to get their communications off the ground. The offering kick starts Everlytic’s latest addition to their already existing sponsorship packages, including Tech4Schools and NGO programmes.

“We’re contributing in the best way we can, helping emerging businesses create an online communication presence and maintain it. We’ve long wanted an initiative that supports startups with their communications and Startup Camp LATAM is the perfect launchpad for the pending project,’’ explains Fernandez.

Startup Camp LATAM brings together high impact entrepreneurs, international experts, managers and founders of major accelerator and entrepreneurship centres. Headline speakers include Marcos Galperin (Founder and CEO of Mercado Libre), Ash Maurya (Founder and CEO of Spark59), Author of Running Lean, Wenceslao Casares (Founder of Lemon Wallet) and Fernando Fabre (President of Endeavor Global). Major corporations like Google, Facebook, Disney Interactive and Twitter will have representatives at the event as well.

Read more about Wisboo Startup Camp LATAM 2013 here.

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